How to Get Great Jobs Through Accounting Temp Agencies

An accounting temp agency professional gives a young financial worker an assignment

If you're planning to work with accounting temp agencies to find your next role, you've probably got two big questions in mind:

  1. How can I get shortlisted for the best jobs?
  2. How can I benefit from their services?

There are many ways you can improve how you're perceived as a job candidate when you work with accounting temp agencies. Here, we list some of the most important, so you can prepare for your next temp agency appointment:

Build relationships

The staffing specialist you work with will find it hard to identify the right opportunity for you if he or she knows little about your background and preferences. So give your representative more than a one-line elevator pitch. Talk about your work history and big-picture ambitions, as well as the type of role you're looking for right now. The better you get to know each other, the more likely your name will come to mind when choice projects arise.

It also makes sense to follow up with your chosen staffing agency on a regular basis. Call or email after submitting your resume. Continue to check in with them throughout your job search, whether to ask how things are going or to update your staffing manager on your recent endeavors — taking classes, arranging an interview or finding a job opening on your own.

Get noticed online

Your LinkedIn profile and other digital elements of your professional reputation are important when recruiters at accounting temp agencies are looking at potential candidates. Get your LinkedIn profile prepped for visitors and spend some time making yourself known as a thought leader online. You can do so by joining relevant LinkedIn groups, discussing professional matters in industry forums or simply leaving insightful comments on other users' blog posts and status updates. This can grab a staffing agency's attention.

Emphasize your specializations

When you interact with staff at accounting temp agencies, potential employers or your professional peers online, don't be too shy to point out your specialized knowledge and skills. Do you speak another language? Have any accounting certifications? If so, say so. And be sure your online profiles and resume also point it out. You never know when a project may come up that requires precisely the skill set you offer. So the more people know about your specific expertise, the better.

State your preferences clearly

Jobs accounting temp agencies identify for their candidates last anywhere from a single day to many weeks or months. Be upfront about the type of project you're looking for so your staffing specialist can find one that matches your preferences. If you are only interested in jobs that will last for at least three months, say so! You'll save your agent hours sorting through shorter opportunities, and the representative will appreciate your being conscious of his or her time.

The more flexible you are about your preferred duration, company size, etc., the broader your representative's search can be. As a result, the more likely he or she is to send interesting opportunities your way.

Continue your professional development

The best accounting temp agencies provide training and professional development for all candidates, usually online so it's most convenient for candidates. You may even be able to accumulate Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits through some agency training programs. Be sure to ask your chosen agency about the training opportunities that are available to you; this is an excellent way to boost your marketability as an accounting candidate even while you're between jobs. It's also a fine way to show them that you're a go-getter.

When working with accounting temp agencies, make every effort to be their go-to candidate so you're top of mind when the best assignments come up. Keep the lines of communication open and never overlook an opportunity to build your skills.

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