Beyond the Traditional: 5 Unusual Types of Accounting Jobs

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If you have a degree in accounting, chances are your job search is leading you to lots of traditional CPA and bookkeeping gigs. But some nontraditional types of accounting jobs can be more interesting and even more lucrative — and allow you to combine financial work with other interests. Here are examples of some less common types of accounting job opportunities:

Forensic accounting

If you love both finance and crime fighting, a career in forensic accounting could be a perfect fit. Forensic accountants work with law enforcement organizations to investigate white-collar crime and financial disputes. Some common types of cases a forensic accountant might investigate include money laundering, embezzlement and tracking the flow of money to illegal organizations.

While it is possible to find work in this field with a bachelor's degree, job seekers with additional credentials, such as a CPA, will have an edge over the competition. Candidates with a law enforcement or military background, in addition to strong financial and analytical skills, could also find work tracking corporate criminals as financial analysts or forensic accountants with the FBI.

What to know more about a day in the life of a forensic accountant? Read this Q&A with Peter F. Grupe, a former FBI white-collar crime fighter, now serving as director of investigations, fraud and risk management for the global consulting firm Protiviti.

Entertainment accounting

You can combine your passion for finance with your love of entertainment and work as an accountant for a movie or TV production company, where overseeing production budgets is critical. Accounting job opportunities are also available in other areas of the entertainment industry, such as music and gaming. Having experience in copyright law and royalties is a must for getting into the entertainment industry.

Sports accounting

Some nontraditional types of accounting jobs can be more interesting and even more lucrative than what's found in the conventional CPA and bookkeeping career.


Accounting is vital to the day-to-day operation and long-term success of the professional sports industry. If you have the right financial acumen and a love for sports, your next accounting job opportunity could combine both of these interests. Accountants in the sports industry handle nearly every kind of task involving money, including setting ticket prices and handling payroll.

Having an MBA will be a big advantage in landing one of these positions. If you get your foot in the door, the perks include game tickets and inside access to your favorite team.

Get certified and take your accounting job opportunities to the next level.

Environmental accounting

With so many people and businesses going "green," the field of environmental accounting is gaining in popularity. Environmental accountants work to help corporations maintain profitability while implementing eco-friendly standards and complying with government regulations. These types of accounting jobs are typically available at large corporations, and tasks include everything from consulting on the sale of industrial byproducts to overseeing the construction of green buildings.

Accounting software development

In the information technology world, accountants are needed to support a software company's team of managers and developers. In addition to assuming billing and time tracking responsibilities, they may also address such activities as license audits. They can step outside their accounting role in companies that focus on producing accounting and finance software to assist in user experience design.

If you want a career in finance but are looking for something other than a traditional CPA position, consider these less-conventional types of accounting jobs. You never know where your next job might take you.

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