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Staying current on the latest advice for accounting careers and applying lessons learned from our job search tips are keys to distinguishing yourself and securing an employment offer.


Having the right tools is essential for success in any endeavor, and the same holds true for the job search. Accountemps provides accounting and finance professionals with the information and resources you need to do just that, including the following:

  • Job search and resume advice
  • Job interview tips
  • Networking guidelines

Staying current on the latest advice for accounting careers and applying lessons learned from our job search tips can help you distinguishing yourself and secure an employment offer. Learn how to craft compelling resumes and cover letters, prepare for a job interview and make a favorable first impression. Our industry-leading research also provides insights into hiring and compensation trends, information that can help your cause when it comes to the job hunt.

Job search and resume advice

It's common to have questions about the process of compiling your cover letter and resume as your conduct your job search. The following free resources can help cast you in a positive light when hiring managers evaluate the qualifications of accounting and finance professionals.

Job interview tips

Our job interview tips include insights on how to prepare for an interview, whether it is over the phone, via video or in person. Telephone interviews can be stressful because they are often the first direct accounting and finance professionals have with a potential employer. But Accountemps has interview tips on how to be professional regardless of the situation. For example, some of our tips for how to prepare for a phone interview include:

  • Apply the same preparation you would if you were meeting the hiring manager in person
  • Use a landline to avoid connection issues
  • Speak clearly and don't rush to fill breaks in the conversation
  • Keep your surroundings quiet and distraction-free

For in-person interviews, one of our top job interview tips to remember is to be yourself so the employer can evaluate if you're the right fit for the organization's corporate culture. Our job search resources also include common interview questions and the best ways to answer them.

It's also a good idea to be knowledgeable about the salary ranges for accounting careers in general and for the specific position you're targeting as you prepare for an interview. The most recent Robert Half Salary Guide for Accounting and Finance not only provides relevant salary information, but it's also packed with information that can help you in other areas of your job search.

Networking advice

More than 66 percent of jobs are filled based on word of mouth, so networking is a huge part of searching for a new position. Our job search tips include a list of networking mistakes — such as failing to record important information about a new contact — as well as advice on the most effective ways to network.

Your online brand

Developing an online brand is an important step for any job seeker, and accounting and finance professionals are no exception. Job search tips from Accountemps can help you present a professional image.

Free online training

In addition to how-to guides and job search and interview tips, accounting and finance professionals who are registered candidates of Accountemps also have access to more than 8,000 online courses in our free training program. These courses are designed specifically for accounting careers and will enhance your skills while you search for a job.


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