The Cost of Working Tired

What’s the cost of working while tired? Businesses lose $63 billion in productivity each year from the phenomenon, which affects over 70% of workers surveyed. Find out how to manage around tired workers, and get tips on how to avoid costly mistakes if you’re suffering from lack of sleep on a workday. 


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8 Signs Its Time to Hire Infographic

Looming deadlines, overlapping priorities, and the ever-recurring monthly close and quarterly financial statements — it’s no wonder many financial professionals are feeling stress in the workplace. Staff cutbacks during the recession have not helped.

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Fighting Tax Season Fatigue: 6 Tips for Motivating Your Team

How to Motivate Your Team

Empty energy drink cans overflowing the recycling bin. Dirty coffee mugs stacked high in the break room sink. A heightened sense of stress and overall moodiness around the office. These are all signs your team is in the thick of a busy period, such as tax season, and that you could focus on motivating your team. 

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Slacking Off at Work? It’s No Small Problem

Slacking Off At Work

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with enjoying ridiculous cat videos, there’s a time and place to view them. Before clicking on that next BuzzFeed link, remember that we’re all working in an increasingly ROI-centric world. Now more than ever, organizations of all sizes are focused on boosting employee efficiency and effectiveness.

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It’s 3 p.m. Is Your Morality at Work Suffering?

Morality At Work Cartoon

I recently came across a study that found workers behave less ethically in the afternoon. The directors of the study said the “psychological depletion” people experience later in the day is to blame for their diminished morality at work. According to the study, stress, fatigue and repetitive tasks play a critical role in a person’s ability to make ethical decisions. Do you agree?

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Sick at Work: Too Many People Come to the Office Ill

Sick At Work

Are you coughing, sneezing, sniffling and achy… and working? Or, are you enduring the symptoms of a coworker who is sick at work, giving him or her the side-eye as you try to avoid catching the bug? Unfortunately, coming to the office under the weather has become an epidemic unto itself. Despite illness, 70 percent of workers admitted frequently going to work when they should be taking care of themselves at home, a new survey reveals.

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Beat the Heat: How to Avoid Work Burnout During Tax Season

Work Burnout

Burnout can strike any employee in any industry. But the risk of work burnout is especially high for accounting and finance professionals during tax season, when client demands intensify, workloads rise, and April 15 deadline pressure mounts.

How do you know if you’re at risk for work burnout (or are already in the red zone)? Here are some common signs, sources of stress, and solutions:


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Looking for more info on performance cost of employees working while tired? Check out these facts every employer should know below.