Using a Temp Agency - Client FAQs

Have a question about using a temp agency? See our answer below to some of our most frequently asked questions about using a temp agency, like Accountemps, to provide you with highly skilled finance and accounting professionals.

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How do I work with Accountemps?

  • View our office directory online or call our toll-free number 1.855.402.8293 to reach the office nearest you.
  • One of our staffing managers will listen to your needs and ask you about specific job requirements in order to find skilled professionals for the assignment.
  • We'll notify you the same business day on the status of your order.

What type of information will I need to give the staffing manager?

  • Your Accountemps staffing manager will need a specific description of the job responsibilities and the skills you are seeking, as well as an estimate of the total length of time the employee will be needed. This ensures that we can select a candidate with the necessary qualifications who will be available for the duration of the project.
  • Inform your staffing manager of any requirements unique to your organization, including policies regarding dress code, hours, lunch and overtime.

How do I prepare for the Accountemps professional's first day?

  • Prepare a specific work area for the temporary employee and make sure all necessary materials are available.
  • Inform your staff, including administrative personnel, so they can be prepared for the arrival of the Accountemps professional.
  • Be sure to notify your Accountemps staffing manager if there are any problems with the assignment or you are not satisfied with the temporary professional's performance.

* Our Service Guarantee: If you are not satisfied, simply contact your staffing manager within the first eight hours of the assignment and we'll send you a replacement. You will not be billed for the unsatisfactory hours.