Manager's Toolbox

Finding good people can be a challenge for today's companies, making it crucial to have a sound hiring strategy in place. Our goal is to serve as a resource on staffing issues and provide you with resources to help you hire an employee who will be an asset to your team — and how to retain that employee in the long run. We offer a number of materials to assist you in your efforts, including industry-leading resources, guidance for hiring new employees and retaining top performersExternal link, and our annual Salary Guide.

Hiring Tips

The Salary Guide lists starting compensation ranges for more than 400 positions in finance and accounting, and discusses which jobs are in demand and which positions are experiencing talent shortages. The guide offers hiring tips that correspond with the current market issues and give advice on how to hire an employee and negotiate salaries when you do. Our other hiring tips include advice on creating accurate job descriptions, how to work with a staffing firm and the best employment interview questions to use. In addition, Accountemps provides you with the latest hiring trend data so you stay ahead of the employment curve in the financial and accounting industry.

We don't just share hiring tips or the best ways to go about hiring new employees, but also how to retain them. Our retention advice features tips about staff communication, employee recognition, professional development and budget-conscious training. Browse through our Managers' ToolboxExternal link for more information on how to hire the best employees and how to keep the best talent in the industry once you have it.