5 Ways a Staffing Services Firm Can Help Your Small Business

Robert Half staffing services can help increase quality, speed and results while reducing costs

Businesses of all sizes stand to benefit from working with a specialized staffing services agency in their search for top accounting and finance professionals. But this is especially true for small businesses.

Larger firms are often at an advantage when it comes to adjusting staff levels as business conditions and priorities fluctuate. After all, they have dedicated human resources departments to help recruit accounting and financial professionals and a larger pool of employees to absorb changes in workload. Most small businesses lack these resources and the flexibility they provide. It simply makes sense for small businesses to consider the benefits of working with a staffing services agency to assist in their hiring needs.

The many advantages of working with a staffing services firm include the following:

1. Cost savings

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any organization, but small businesses are even more vulnerable to fluctuations. Managers must rely on financial professionals to ensure the fiscal well-being of their enterprise. When workloads increase, larger firms may be able to hire additional full-time accountants, but many small-business owners lack the resources to staff a dedicated team and may even attempt to do the work themselves.

By utilizing temporary workers for special projects, you save on administrative and benefits costs, which is beneficial for small businesses with smaller budgets.

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A better solution? Contact a reputable staffing agency that specializes in placing accounting and finance professionals for key projects.

Small-business owners can reduce the time they spend tackling issues that might otherwise be delegated to a professional hired for his or her project-based expertise. Staffing services firms are your ally in finding candidates that match your business goals.

2. Greater flexibility with a staffing services agency

Not every job requires a full-time employee. Engaging interim professionals through a reputable staffing services firm allows you to address workload peaks and gain access to specialized expertise — and pay for it — only for as long as you need it.

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3. A fresh set of eyes

In a large business, you have many employees with diverse talents. In a small business, even when your employees are extremely gifted, you have a smaller pool to tap for innovative ideas. New blood in the office can infuse new ideas and outlooks. An interim professional brought in for skills not available internally can impart a degree of specialized knowledge to full-time staff as he or she goes about the job.

4. Lower risk of making a bad hire

Recruiting mistakes are expensive. Fifty-six percent of small-business owners have settled for a candidate who was not as qualified as they would have liked. And, according to a study by Robert Half, bad hiring decisions frequently lead to the following:

  • Lower staff morale
  • Lost productivity
  • Monetary cost

If the worker must eventually be replaced, the expense to the organization is even larger.

A bigger firm can bounce back from such a loss, but a hiring mistake can really hurt a small business. A reputable staffing services firm can help you make the right choice the first time.

Learn the true cost a bad hire can have on small businesses and how you can avoid making one.

5. Access to a wide network of top candidates

The best staffing services agencies specialize in locating professionals across all spectrums of the accounting field, from financial analysis to payroll, taxation, bookkeeping or auditing. They can also place accounting experts capable of filling interim managerial roles or positions that require certified management or public accountants. Their staffing managers typically have backgrounds in accounting and finance, and they take the time to understand your unique hiring needs and workplace culture.

By enlisting the help of a staffing agency, the manager of a small business can stretch a budget, avoid a potentially devastating recruitment mistake and find skilled, vetted candidates to dovetail with the company's needs.

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