When Should You Call Accounting Temp Staffing Agencies?

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Accounting temp staffing agencies are ready to assist your business when it's crunch time — and at other times you may not have considered as well. Besides handling workload spikes that typically occur each year at your company, a specialized staffing firm can help lighten the load on your staff when you're dealing with new business, increased customer complaints or a lack of expertise on your staff.

When you're adjusting to an influx of new business

New business is a good thing, right? It may not feel like it if you don't have the staff to take on the extra workload. In fact, new business could mean big headaches if your staff is already stressed or customers notice a drop in quality.

A good course of action may be to contact temp staffing agencies serving your area for help during the transition. After all, finding highly skilled accounting professionals can be a time-consuming process, and if your hands are full with new business, you likely have none to spare.

A good agency will evaluate a candidate's work history and conduct face-to-face interviews, assess software skills and conduct accounting knowledge evaluation tests. They'll also check a candidate's references, conduct quality assurance surveys and offer guarantees for your temporary team member. That way you know the job will get done right.

When the team is overworked

Has your staff been missing deadlines or arriving to work late? Before threatening to substitute this year's bonuses with alarm clocks, you need to assess the cause of these issues. It could be because they're overworked. Other warning signs of an unmanageable workload include team members who are suddenly making more mistakes than usual, workers who constantly call in sick and an increase in overtime hours.

Give your staff some relief by bringing in support from temp staffing agencies. A temporary accounting professional can help you address your workplace's immediate needs. During that time, you'll have an opportunity to observe the temporary staff member's performance firsthand while you determine the longer-term needs of your organization. You may decide that you actually need to hire another full-time worker. And the temporary professional who's performed well on the job could be the ideal candidate for the role.

When top performers lack the know-how

You know who your top performers are. They're your go-to accounting professionals who would be in the AICPA All-Star Game every year, if one existed. But sometimes even they can't handle the specialized tasks that arise, such as evaluating the tax implications of a new overseas location or preparing for an upcoming systems conversion. This is the perfect time to call a few trusted temp staffing agencies.

A specialized temporary accounting professional can come in for the duration of the project and provide the expertise your core team lacks. He or she can even train your team members so they can handle similar situations in the future. Many highly skilled and experienced professionals choose to work on an interim basis because of the variety and flexibility this career path provides.

Temp staffing agencies offer you a way to handle increased business, heavy workloads or specialty projects that may lie beyond the experience or capacity of your current staff. Calling in the specialists these firms represent could be the short-term support you need to maintain your organization's long-term success.

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