Should You Consider Temporary Staffing for Accounting Projects?

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Temporary staffing today isn't the same as it was years ago. In the past, "temp work" was synonymous with clerical jobs and seasonal work. But times have changed, and today's temporary workers are a talented group who should be part of a company's flexible staffing strategy. But when does hiring a skilled temporary accounting professional make the most sense for your business?

Think strategically

Before doing anything, you need to have a big-picture understanding of your workforce needs and a plan to meet them. After all, if you're looking to hire someone, you're not merely trying to put a body in a chair. You're looking to fill a gap that you have in your organization. And you may find that those needs have shifted since your last hire.

For example, you might have an accounting professional on staff who has assumed some of the duties related to accounts payable. If that's the case, you may not need a full-time accounts payable professional as you did in the past. A temporary or part-time worker could be what you’re looking for to handle peak workload periods.

In short, staffing strategically means thinking of need, not job; long term, not short term; big picture, not current picture. And part of your strategy should involve creating a mix of full-time and temporary staff members to allow for flexibility as workloads fluctuate.

Consider a specialist for hire

Flexible staffing is especially important in an age when organizations of all types are looking to bring on people who have specialized skills that either do not exist among their core employees or that are needed for certain projects only. Accounting professionals such as business systems analysts, internal auditors, and risk and compliance experts are in high demand. If it's difficult, costly or even unnecessary to hire accounting specialists full time, bringing them aboard on an interim basis could be the way to go.

Prepare for the busy season

Even if you've never before considered hiring temporary accounting professionals to help with excessive workloads, they may be just what you need to help during tax season, end-of-year reporting and other exceptionally busy times of the year.

Boost morale

Hiring temporary workers also helps ease the burden on full-time employees who may be spread too thin. It can help counteract low employee morale among your core group of employees by providing them extra support.

Temporary workers could help with your bottom line too, allowing departments to adjust staffing levels to the ebb and flow of business cycles. This, in turn, helps keep overtime costs under control.

Still not sure?

If you're still not sure if a full-time or temporary accounting professional is right for your business, start with a temporary professional first. A good temporary staffing agency will help you find the accounting expert who's right for your organization. If it turns out the duties will be ongoing, you'll already have a pre-evaluated candidate when it comes time to fill the job for the long term.

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