Staffing Solutions for 4 Challenges Accounting Teams Face

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Staffing solutions that tap the talents of temporary financial professionals can take the frenzy out of many accounting department dilemmas. For instance, how do you best divvy up tasks for already-busy staff members when you're facing seasonal peak workloads, implementing major initiatives or simply trying to make headway in day-to-day operations? You know you could use some extra help at these times. 

Flexible staffing solutions can be your answer. They involve creating a changeable mix of full-time employees and highly skilled temporary professionals.This approach enables firms of all sizes to nimbly staff up or down based on workload demands.

But what's the best way to bring in interim reinforcements? The most effective way is to work with a specialized staffing firm. These firms are sometimes called recruiters, employment agencies or search firms. But whatever name you prefer, their basic services are the same: They find job candidates for client firms for a fee. Yes, they cost money, but if you know how to maximize their services, staffing firms can more than pay for themselves.

As an example, here's how flexible staffing solutions can help your business address four challenging situations:

1. System conversions

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system conversions can save valuable time in the long run. But during implementation, they can draw your accountants away from daily tasks. Consider using flexible staffing solutions to streamline this process. 

For instance, if your business has outgrown its accounting software — and you're phasing in your new system, department by department — then you could delegate the task of payroll to temporary staff during the conversion. With this approach, your full-time staff can focus fully on the implementation, and that process is likely to take less time and encounter fewer bumps along the way.

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Or if you don't have internal resources to handle technology-related projects, experienced consultants can help you work more effectively with cloud-computing solutions and other emerging technologies.

2. Month-end closings

Month-end closings are typically a frantic time for accounting and finance professionals. Try using flexible staffing solutions at the end of the month, and you can take the pressure off of your full-time employees.

Temporary finance professionals can review daily operational transactions and revenue, as well as reconcile balance sheets and subsidiary ledgers. So your accounting systems are ready to close for the month — while your full-time employees continue their duties uninterrupted.

3. Annual audits

Audits are a necessary part of business life. However, they demand a lot of preparation and can be quite time-consuming. These demands can take your accounting staff away from other important tasks, such as analyzing metrics and risk reports. To alleviate these conflicts and pressures, flexible staffing solutions can provide the interim finance professionals you need to retrieve some, or all, of the information the auditor requires.

Using interim finance professionals can offer more benefits than you might expect: Besides taking some of the audit burden off your full-time staff, they can also provide objective second opinions or helpful suggestions about your company's financial proceedings.

4. Budgeting

Budgeting is another great time to take advantage of accounting staffing solutions. Your full-time staff looks at the organization's numbers day after day. And sometimes, over-familiarity with the information can lead to unintentional oversight. With temporary finance professionals, you benefit from trained and objective eyes taking a fresh look at your budget. Which may help you locate additional areas where time or money can be saved — or identify things to watch for in the future.

These are just a few of the many ways staffing solutions can help your office function smoothly, without burning out your full-time accounting staff.

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