3 Signs It's Time to Bring in Accounting Temps

A man's hands, one holding a "Help!" sign, extend upward from a pile of paper wads

Business is booming, and that's a good thing, right? So why do morale and productivity seem so low around the office?

One reason might be that your organization has grown so quickly that staff can't keep up. All the extra tasks that come along with a flourishing business can easily overwhelm your already-busy accounting and finance staff.

But because your current team might eventually be able to handle the heavier workload — and because you're not sure the current boom will last — you're not quite ready to hire additional full-time employees. How can you avoid burning out your existing workers while evaluating the long-term needs of your firm? By bringing in accounting temps.

Here are three sure signs that it's time to put out the SOS for skilled interim professionals:

1. New business instills dread in your staff — and you. When you land new accounts and receive inquiries from prospective clients, how does your staff react? Is there a collective spike in blood pressure? Rather than rejoicing, do you find yourself wondering how you're going to manage it all? If so, you're probably short-staffed. Not only can accounting temps help alleviate the workload for your permanent employees, but they can also free your staff up to concentrate on future growth.

2. Growth is on hold. If you're concerned new accounts may stress your team even more, you may be holding off on pursuing new business. But postponing growth could be detrimental to your firm's fiscal success and to your reputation. Turn down enough business, and clients may think your company can't support their needs.

With specialized accounting temps, you're better able to take on new work and position yourself well with potential clients. They'll be more likely to see you as a thriving organization with sufficient staff to handle their financial needs.

3. Overtime is up, and morale is down. Have you noticed that your team is spending late nights at the office analyzing data and tweaking budgets? Are you taking home a large amount of work each day? You may be getting everything done, but in the long run, it's a lose-lose situation: Additional funds for overtime upset your budget, and overtime upsets your employees' work-life balance.

Bringing in accounting temps can ease the stress on your full-time staff and your budget. The cost to engage these professionals is well worth it in the long run. Once the extra workers fill the gaps, your in-house team can resume regular hours and workloads. Pressure drops, while morale and productivity increase.

Turn an upswing in business into a good thing. Rather than overtaxing staff and jeopardizing productivity, consider hiring accounting temps as soon as you spot signs of burnout. You'll prevent unnecessary stress and overtime costs, demonstrate a robust and capable workforce to potential clients, and boost the morale and productivity of your workforce.

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