What Do Accountants Love About Their Jobs?

What Do Accountants Love About Their Jobs?

Now that tax season is over and everyone’s had a chance to catch their breath, we can turn our attention to other things – and why not start with the best things about being an accountant?

A recent Robert Half Finance & Accounting survey looked at just that topic, asking finance and accounting professionals what they loved about their jobs. The No. 1 answer was clear: 41 percent said solving problems was their favorite part of the work. Another 22 percent said they most liked working with numbers, and 17 percent cited making strategic recommendations for the business.

We asked you to weigh in on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and you told a similar story: You love using your analytical skills to solve problems – for your clients and for your company. Here are a few of your responses to the question, “What is your favorite part of being an accountant?”

  • “The best part is when you analyze the numbers, and they tell a story.” 
  • “When you analyze the data in the accounts to find and fix errors.”
  • “Creating a new process that makes sense and is used company-wide to reconcile accounts correctly.”
  • “Analyzing data, identifying issues and fixing them.”

A few of you took it a step further, saying that the people you solve those problems for are your main source of inspiration:

  • “Saving clients money, adding value and actually having an impact on their bottom line.”
  • “Helping people maximize their tax refund, working with small business clients to prepare financial statements that help them get loans, or helping your staff develop their careers.”
  • “Helping clients big and small become motivated/disciplined to become wealthy.”

The survey and social media conversations aren’t surprising; after all, we know that accountants are much more than number-crunchers. As Paul McDonald, senior executive director for Robert Half, said, “Accountants are key success drivers for their businesses, and they contribute more than many people presume. Accounting and finance teams are responsible for accurate financial reporting, but they also help to ensure their organizations remain in regulatory compliance, identify growth opportunities and provide strategic guidance from the department level to the executive ranks.”

One respondent to our social media posts boiled the best thing about being an accountant down to four words: “Making complex things simple.” We’ll second that.

What’s your favorite thing about being an accountant? Share it in the comments below.

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