Webinar Recap: Soft Skills Accounting and Finance Professionals Need in a Diverse Workplace

Nontechnical attributes, also commonly referred to as soft skills, are no longer nice to haves — they’re must-haves in today’s diverse workplace. But which soft skills are most important for accounting and finance professionals to possess? And how can employers identify these attributes when recruiting new team members?

Robert Half and Latino business association ALPFA recently hosted a webinar, “Critical Nontechnical Skills: The Essentials for Success in a Diverse Workplace,” to address these questions and more.

The event featured insights from:

  • Gilbert Cabrera, vice president of finance, Safeway Inc.
  • Manny Espinoza, chief executive officer, ALPFA
  • Linda Howard, treasurer, Orlando Utilities Commission
  • Paul McDonald, senior executive director, Robert Half 

The executives offered insights on issues ranging from the soft skills in demand and how employees can showcase them in their resumes to ways managers can help their teams develop these attributes.

You can hear all of the executives’ comments in the webinar recording.

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