Using LinkedIn to Find a Job

LinkedIn opens a world of potential career opportunities for accounting and finance professionals. However, your online presence can hinder your job hunt, too. The way you conduct yourself online is just as important as how you present yourself in real life. At any given moment, a potential employer could be checking your profile and activity. Here are some savvy tips on using LinkedIn to find a job: 

Keep Your Profile Current

Just like a strong resume, your LinkedIn profile is a powerful marketing tool when properly written. Use concise, punchy language to convey an image of who you are as an accounting and finance professional without resorting to lengthy blocks of text. Include a high-resolution headshot and update your profile regularly ­– your contacts receive alerts when you do. It’s a quick and simple trick to remind contacts about you and encourage them to look at your profile.   

Keep it Relevant

Only include information relevant to your professional goals in accounting and finance. Some people using LinkedIn to find a job make the mistake of creating a broad profile. You don’t want to give off a “jack-of-all-trades, master of none” impression. Employers are increasingly seeking workers with specialized skills, according to a Robert Half survey. Use your LinkedIn profile to emphasize your expertise in specific areas, such as auditing or risk assessment.

Be Personal Yet Professional

Avoid sharing too much personal information. That being said, your profile doesn’t need to be strictly business. In the summary section, consider including something that will give potential employers some insight into who you are as a person. For example, you might mention that you volunteer at an animal shelter or enjoy running marathons. As always, use proper grammar and punctuation, and avoid exclamation points and emoticons.

Your LinkedIn profile should include links to other sites and networks you use professionally, like your website, blog, Twitter or Facebook. But if you use Facebook for keeping up with friends and family only, don’t point to it from LinkedIn.

Practice Good Etiquette

Employers frequently research potential candidates online and are often put off by poor technology etiquette. When you comment on others’ posts, don’t forget that these interactions are public. Never use inappropriate language and avoid complaining about former employers, coworkers and clients (even anonymously). Again, a potential future employer may be reading.

Don’t Make it All About You

Remember that LinkedIn, like any social network, is all about give-and-take. Make time to interact with your connections, offer recommendations and endorse their skills. What goes around comes around on social platforms. In short, aim to be as helpful as possible.

Do you have more tips on using LinkedIn to find a job? Share them in the comments section below.