Top 6 Accounting and Finance Cover Letter Mistakes

Top 6 Accounting and Finance Cover Letter Mistakes

We recently highlighted some of the funniest and most egregious accounting and finance resume mistakes from our company’s “Resumania™” archives. (That post attracted a fair share of attention and generated some giggles.) But cover letters can also prove problematic for job candidates if their writing isn’t clear, concise and compelling. 

Let the following excerpts from actual cover letters serve as cautionary tales of how not to present yourself to prospective employers:

1. COVER LETTER: “My dream job would be an analyst in finance or banking, though I like law, medicine and teaching too. I would also love a bartending job, but would need some instructions.”

Sorry, but we don’t provide any professional development training in mixology.

2. COVER LETTER: “I’m a good accountant with years of experience and a desire to add to my shoe collection.”

This candidate could have “soled” herself better.

3. COVER LETTER: “I have financial and bank experience. I also have skills and knowledge of several products like Christmas trees and vegetables.”

You never know when you might need someone who can hang garland and make a mean broccoli soufflé.

4. COVER LETTER: “The one skill I really cultivated during my time in the MBA program is the ability to produce magnificent financial models and pristine reports, however useless they may be. I can produce countless numbers of these to drown top management with.”

We can think of better ways to convince someone to hire you.

5. COVER LETTER: “Even though my resume may or may not show I have little or no experience in the accounting field, there is a chance that I actually do have some experience, but then again I may not.”

One thing is for sure: This candidate confused us!

6. COVER LETTER: “I detest anything having to do with taxation.”

April 15 is blacked out on our desk calendar.

What are the biggest cover letter mistakes you’ve ever seen? Share a comment below.

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