To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

Are you on Twitter? If not, you might want to reconsider and learn how to tweet. Twitter isn’t just for those kicking off their careers. In fact, social media use is on the rise even among the most senior professionals. According to research from Leadtail, a social media insights firm, senior financial executives are active on Twitter – both professionally and personally. They tweet about everything from leadership and innovation to sports and local events.

You might be asking yourself, “What’s in it for me? Is it worth my time?” The truth is joining these influentials on Twitter and other social networks is a good career move. On Twitter, you can:

  • See what topics are trending in the accounting and finance profession
  • Discover and network with key financial executives
  • Get inspired by the ideas of others
  • Find a job

So how can you get started on social media and learn how to tweet? Carter Hostelley, founder and CEO of Leadtail, shared four key highlights from the study on the Robert Half Management Resources blog. He also offered advice on how to put the information to use. Hop on over to read more about the study’s findings and access the free report.

Has your career benefitted from using Twitter or other social networks? If so, tell us about it in the comments below.

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