Think Big to Sell Small: Developing a Small Business Recruitment Strategy

For small businesses, recruiting and hiring the best accounting and finance professionals is complicated by competition with bigger and more easily recognizable organizations with deeper pockets. However, by planning and putting together a comprehensive recruitment strategy, you can put your organization’s best foot forward and attract top talent.

Build an effective recruitment strategy for your small business by following these tips:

Get the Word Out

You can’t hire talented new employees if nobody knows you have job openings. That’s why the foundation of any good recruitment strategy is writing detailed job postings and then promoting them effectively.

When crafting a job posting, inform candidates of the exact qualifications you’re seeking and let them know how to respond if they’re interested in the position. Remember this is also an opportunity to sell your business and entice prospects to inquire further. Include details about the work environment and showcase anything special or noteworthy about your company, such as awards you’ve won or unique aspects of your company culture. From there, you can post your ad on popular online job boards, such as Monster, CareerBuilder and Indeed, niche sites catering to accounting professionals, as well as social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Promote and Build Your Brand

Social networks help you engage with your community and build awareness for your brand. Take some time to post regularly, and share different types of content, such as industry articles, blog posts with calls to comment or even photos from around the office. As you post compelling content, your following will grow, increasing the chances that talented applicants will contact your company.

Also invest some time and resources in developing your company’s website so it effectively promotes your services, showcases your team’s capabilities and makes it clear your organization is an ideal place to work. Savvy job seekers will turn to the Internet to gather information about potential employers before they apply for a position, so be sure you make a great first impression.

Sell the Advantages of “Small”

Working for a small company often requires employees to wear multiple hats. This leads to more opportunities to contribute and learn new skills, as well as gain increased visibility and access to those in leadership positions. Moreover, many small businesses are able to offer employees better work-life balance. If that's true of your firm, promote those telecommuting or flextime perks. It could give you an edge over larger companies, even those that are able to offer a higher salary.

Seek Outside Help

Consider working with a reputable staffing agency that specializes in accounting and finance to enhance your recruitment strategy. Recruiters have access to networks of skilled professionals and can match candidates with companies based on qualifications and corporate culture.

Have your own tips for a winning recruitment strategy? Share them in the comments section.

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