Survey: Employees Use Office Supplies and Company Time for Tax Prep

There might be a line at the office copier as Tax Day approaches.

According to a recent Accountemps survey, 30 percent of workers said it’s common for employees (not public accountants) to spend time on personal income tax preparation during business hours. Furthermore, 30 percent of workers interviewed said it’s common for employees to use company resources like the printer or photocopier to complete their personal income tax paperwork.

If you’re doing your personal income taxes on your company’s time and dime, be aware of the following:

  • While the lines between work and personal hours have blurred in recent years, it’s never a good idea to use company time or equipment to prepare your taxes.
  • Beyond the time-theft issues, it’s risky to have personal financial documents floating around the workplace, on your work computer or stored on your office copier’s hard drive.
  • Yes, we’re all busy, and some personal errands (like dashing to the post office) may have to be done during business hours. Try to handle them during lunch breaks, if possible.
  • Bottom line: Use your best judgment, and don’t let productivity suffer because of last-minute tax scrambling.