Super Accountant + Big Day in Accounting = Major Rumors (Spoiler Alert)

International Accounting Day

The vibe in our office is pure frenzy. You see, International Accounting Day is coming up and, as if that’s not enough to put the “zing” in “amazing,” we’re all wondering, “What about Bob?!”

It’s probably just conjecture: you know how the rumor mill can go into overdrive, especially when it comes to the accounting and finance legend that is Bob from Accountemps. This is what I’ve heard about the big day. (So many considerations, ruminations, and exclamations about this celebration.) Spoiler alerts below.

  • “We bring our dogs into work, and Bob is not only bringing in doughnuts for us but is also going to pull an all-nighter to make doughnuts out of peanut butter and bacon for our pups,” said Drew in purchasing. “My bichon can’t wait!”
  • “I heard Bob’s doing a karaoke mashup of ‘Queen’s ‘We Are the Champions’ and ‘Sam Smith’s ‘Money on My Mind,’” whispered Rowena in administration.
  • “We’re petitioning to change ‘International Accounting Day’ to ‘The Day of Bob,’” said Navdeep in accounts payable.
  • “My team has been practicing our flash mob routine for months!” exclaimed Abby in payroll. “And just last, night we perfected our snake roll, slide and glide into the letters B, O and B.”
  • “Sadly, Bob may not be in the office that day,” lamented Katelynn, our chief financial officer. “He may be inducted into the newly formed Legions of Accountancy, a joint effort by members of the U.N. and U.S. special forces and accounting geniuses to combat numerical injustices around the world. It’s a big deal.”
  • “What will Bob do? You’re going at this all wrong. The question is, what won’t Bob do? Uh-huh…” declared Phil the bookkeeper.

And the countdown to International Accounting Day begins. We have seven days to speculate on this epic event.

What will you do to celebrate?

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