Saying "No" at Work


Despite our best efforts, regardless of how much we twist ourselves into pretzels, no matter how much try to squeeze one more hour into the day, we simply cannot do it all. To save our sanity, sometimes we need to learn to say no.

Saying no at work isn't easy. We may feel the need to be a team player or think saying no will jeopardize a promotion.

Or we may suffer with a difficult boss who may not take no for an answer. Yet, learning when (you've reached workload capacity, you're in the middle of a rush project, the request is unethical or illegal, you're being asked to do something outside your skill set, for example) and how to push back could be the best thing you can do for your career. You're better off turning someone down at the start than making promises you can't keep.

For tips on the art of saying no, see the guides below: