Resumania™: Knowing How to Make Omelets is Not an 'Accomplishment'

Tons of people jump into the job market this time of year. Unfortunately, some of these individuals are being less than strategic about the “accomplishments” they list on their resumes.

The bottom line is that, well, the bottom line matters. If you’re in the process of updating your resume, get a leg up on the competition by quantifying your contributions. Don’t focus on job duties performed; highlight results. For example, did you identify ways to streamline inefficiencies that saved your employer time and money?

Offering some concrete evidence of the value you can provide is one of the best ways to attract a hiring manager’s attention. These job seekers failed to impress with these so-called accomplishments:

Completed a crossword puzzle in ink

We hesitate to pencil you in for an interview.

Much-admired omelet maker

That’s “egg-cellent” but irrelevant. 

Once met a prestigious person

They do say it’s not what you know …

Received two different marriage proposals

Third time’s the charm.

Have a GPA

Then again, so do most students.

Baked a cake with words on top in perfect cursive icing

While impressive, especially if it's an immaculate, 20-pound three-layer red velvet cake, we seek writing skills of a different sort.


In what exactly?

Have you seen any good resume mistakes or cover letter goofs? Send examples to [email protected].

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