Productivity Bite: Healthy Snacks to Increase Stamina at Work

THUD. Did you hear that? That was the sound of your employees hitting a wall, when their energy drops off and they — just — can't — think — any — more. Would it help if you provided them with healthy snacks for them to increase stamina at work? 

You bet. Employees not thinking isn't very good for business. We've offered a number of tips about how to keep productivity at optimal levels on this blog, and now we're going to serve you some healthy snacks? That's a really good way to help keep your team firing on all cylinders.

When unhealthy snacks attack

When we start to feel tired, restless and distracted at work, it's natural to start day dreaming about the bowl of chocolate in reception or the extra cookies in the lunchroom. But sugary snacks are just quick fixes, offering short-term boosts but long-term consequences. One report showed that employees with an unhealthy diet were 66 percent more likely to lose productivity than those who regularly ate whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Increase stamina by biting a better booster 

As the leader of your team, it might be hard to prevent workers from bringing in or eating sugary, salty, less-than-healthful snacks. What you can do is provide alternatives and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Take a cue from The 46 Healthiest Companies to Work For in America list by Companies of all sizes are reaping the benefits of healthy snacks for work, among other wellness programs. Here are a few innovative practices from the list:

  • Google helps to curb its "M&M addiction" by storing the candy in opaque containers and displaying healthier snacks, such as pistachios, in glass jars.

  • General Mills offers a subsidized salad bar and keeps the junk food out of its vending machines.

  • Zappos feeds its teams free salads.

  • Centro has fresh fruit delivered to the office everyday.

  • Next Jump provides free on-site healthy meals and healthy bags of snacks for the weekend.

  • Asana goes beyond by giving employees two organic meals per day.

Add these healthy snacks to the grocery list

If you're just kicking off a wellness at your workplace program, you may not know where to begin. Here's a short list of what to stock in common areas to keep employees satiated and energized.

  •  Fresh fruit

  •  Raw vegetables with non- or low-fat dips or hummus

  •  Individual packs of natural (unsweetened, unsalted) peanut butter

  •  Low-fat cheese or string cheese

  •  Low-fat, low-sugar yogurt

  •  Low sugar, low fat granola bars

  •  Whole wheat bagels

  •  Lightly salted, low-fat popcorn

  •  Whole grain crackers

  •  Dried fruit or trail mix

  •  Roasted or whole lightly salted or unsalted nuts

  •  Green tea

  •  Water (consider sparkling as an alternative to soda)

Good productivity and happy snacking!

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