Job-Hunting Advice to Revive a Stalled Search

Being out of work for an extended period is a confidence-shaking, stressful experience. You miss the structure of a daily routine, the camaraderie of colleagues and the sense of purpose and achievement a job provides. Then, of course, there’s the financial reality of needing to earn an income.

It can be hard to stay optimistic when your job search drags on for weeks and months. It can wear down even the most positive among us. Difficult as it may be, don’t let your frustration turn into despair. If you’re lucky enough to get an interview, whatever you do, avoid coming off like you are desperate the way these applicants did.

Here is some practical job-hunting advice to help you stay upbeat:

Keep a routine.

Make it part of your schedule to check in with members of your professional network. Invite them to be part coach and part cheerleader by asking for their job-hunting advice. Remember, you’re training for a marathon. Your goal is not to go as fast as you can, but to methodically target one job and another and another.

Ask for help.

Find a support group of others who are actively looking for work. Get together once a week. Try out your elevator speech and role-play interview scenarios. It’s a chance to practice how you will answer different questions with a live (but friendly) audience.

Get linking.

Don’t neglect your professional persona online. Create a LinkedIn profile and make those professional connections. If you already have one, follow these tips to spruce up your profile. You can also use Facebook and Twitter to aid your job search.

Learn something new. 

Take the time to acquire new skills or finish up that certification you didn’t have time to complete while working full time. Online training options make this an accessible, affordable proposition.

Consider temporary work. 

Now that you’re all trained up, consider registering with a specialized finance and accounting staffing firm. You’ll keep your skills sharp, remain productive, gain new connections, earn a paycheck and it could lead to a full-time job. The best accounting staffing agencies can also supply you with personalized job-hunting advice.

Try these tips and we bet you’ll find a way to inject new life and confidence into your search.

What’s the best job-hunting advice you ever received? Share it with us below.