Don't Be a Misguided Manager on International Accounting Day

International Accounting Day is a good reminder to celebrate this profession with its long history. If you're an accounting professional, make a point to do something nice for yourself today. If you supervise an accounting professional, be sure to offer your appreciation with rewards and recognition.

What kind of rewards and recognition?

Sometimes it's easiest to show what NOT to do. Watch how this manager in this funny Robert Half video tries to do the right thing. 

Here are four gifts that are better incentives than handing over a heavy stapler to your accounting and finance team.

1. Written praise

Take time to write an email or a craft a handwritten note or card to express your appreciation. A way to publicly acknowledge truly outstanding performance is by writing something for your company publication.  

2. Verbal recognition

Express your gratitude in person, or for larger accomplishments, give your accolades at a staff meeting. Encourage your staff to follow your lead by recognizing each other for jobs well done. Doing this will create a workplace culture of appreciation.

3. Cash, of course

A bump in the paycheck is always a nice show of appreciation.

4. More creative perks

Cash isn't the only reward that carries weight. Vacation days, movie tickets, restaurant gift cards, extra days off — the possibilities for employee perks are endless.

Do you know what your employees want at work? Find out what workplace perks top their wish lists.

A few more tips: Remember to be timely with your employee recognition. Get to know your employees so you can identify what motivates them. Reward risk taking as well as results. Develop an effective system of recognition for your staff.

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