It's Administrative Professionals Day: Don't Forget to Thank Your Admin!

Tax season, year and quarter ends, monthly closings — it’s no secret that accountants and finance professionals work in a high-stress environment. But they aren’t the only ones with crunching deadlines and seemingly never-ending paperwork. Administrative professionals work just as tirelessly, yet are often the unsung heroes of the office.  

Today is Administrative Professionals Day. Have you thanked your admins yet? If you’re stuck on ideas, read on for tips to help your admins feel the love.

Get creative.

Nearly 40 percent of employees prefer financial compensation for recognition of their efforts, according to a survey. But that doesn’t have to mean cash. Consider your admin’s efforts at work, as well as their interests, and get creative. For example, if your assistant worked over the weekend to help meet a deadline, a set of movie or sports tickets will encourage quality time with family or friends next weekend. It’s a thoughtful gesture that won’t break your budget. Be sure the scale of the gift matches the achievement. Movie tickets for a 10-year work anniversary would be a pretty insulting workplace recognition blunder.  

Make it specific.

You might show your thanks with a simple card or gift certificate, or something more extravagant, like a bonus or recognition ceremony. Whatever you choose, let the lucky recipient know exactly why you appreciate her. Point out the work she did on a specific project, mention the high-profile client she helped the team land or let her know you never would have met that last deadline without her help. Gifts are more meaningful when people know you truly understand how much they bring to the team. 

Think outside your team.

Chances are you’ve turned to an admin outside your immediate team for assistance at some point. Maybe your CFO’s executive assistant completed paperwork for you quickly. Or, perhaps, an admin on your company’s IT team assisted you with getting an important approval. Taking the time and effort to recognize admins in other departments who have contributed to your team’s successes will be an unexpected surprise and help ensure strong interdepartmental relationships.  

Make it a year-round effort. 

You don’t have to wait a whole year to make administrative professionals feel appreciated. In fact, showing gratitude in a timely fashion, like sending a gift card on completion of a huge project, is likely to have an even greater impact. Hopefully, others in the office will follow your example and commend one another on their achievements, helping foster a corporate culture of appreciation

How do you celebrate Administrative Professionals Day? If you’re an admin, how would you like to be recognized for your hard work?