Grads Launching Accounting Careers: Win Big by Thinking Small

Grads Launching Accounting Careers

A new Accountemps survey suggests that accounting students getting ready to graduate and move into the working world may do well to think small – when it comes to company size, at least. According to the survey, more than half (56 percent) of chief financial officers (CFOs), across industry types and company sizes, said they’d advise graduates to launch their accounting careers at a small or midsize company.

Why might CFOs give this kind of advice? Because working at a smaller company can give young professionals an early career boost by providing them a chance to work on many different types of assignments and allowing them to gain exposure to many departments.

In addition, at a small or midsize company, entry-level accountants are also more likely to fill multiple roles, take on more responsibilities and juggle a variety of duties, which can help them to quickly build their skills. Many businesses need professionals who have wide skill sets and can fill a variety of roles.

In the same survey, almost three quarters (74 percent) of CFOs recommended that newcomers to the profession launch their career in general accounting. Companies always need professionals who have expertise in general accounting principles and processes, and even those new accountants who want to eventually specialize in another field, like internal auditing or tax accounting, can benefit from a solid foundation in those areas.

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Grads Launching Accounting Careers