First Job? Here’s Accounting Career Information You Need

 Accounting Career Information You Need

You’ve landed your first job and launched your accounting career. Congratulations! Now what?

When starting out in any new career, you will inevitably have a lot of questions. Is my salary high enough? How do I learn the ropes? Am I in a promising career? It’s not always easy to find the answers.

Here are six tips for gaining helpful accounting career information: 

1. Build your online network

Networking sites are useful tools for accounting professionals, so spend some time sprucing up your online profiles. In order to maximize the potential of LinkedIn and other online resources, work hard to maintain a positive image and build your network. Tap into your expanding network for up-to-date accounting career information.

2. Network effectively — in person

Online resources and books are great, but few things are more helpful than talking with experienced accounting professionals in person. Attend networking events and make an effort to establish connections. Soak up information and be willing to ask for advice about starting out in the industry and advancing your career.

3. Get involved with associations

For accounting career information, training opportunities and to learn about upcoming conferences and events, join accounting associations. There are a range of industry associations to explore, including the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), the Accounting and Financial Women’s Alliance (AFWA) and the Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA). These organizations also offer volunteer and leadership opportunities if you want to get involved in your new community.

4. Benchmark your salary

It’s important to find out where your salary falls in comparison to national averages. Consult Robert Half's current Salary Guide for average starting salary ranges in accounting and finance. The guide also includes an overview of the hiring environment and the skills, positions and credentials most in demand. 

Use our calculator to look up salary ranges for accounting and finance positions in your area:

5. Tap your employer’s resources

When you land a new accounting job, make the most of onboarding, find a mentor for career development, and ask for information about training opportunities. Pursuing professional development is critical to gaining knowledge and getting ahead.

6. Keep track of industry trends

The accounting field has a healthy future. It’s one of the fastest-growing industries, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Keeping current on developments by reading industry publications and blogs is one of the best ways to glean accounting career information.

Familiarize yourself with the top issues facing the industry today, including financial reporting technology, accounting practices in the global market and succession planning. It’s never too early to think about how to rise through the ranks, so research ways to build leadership skills as well.

Think that you can relax once you’re employed? To stay competitive in today's career environment, you need to keep learning. Check out our online accounting training programs now.

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