Fighting Tax Season Fatigue: 6 Tips for Motivating Your Team

Empty energy drink cans overflowing the recycling bin. Dirty coffee mugs stacked high in the break room sink. A heightened sense of stress and overall moodiness around the office. These are all signs your team is in the thick of a busy period, such as tax season, and that you could focus on motivating your team. 

Keeping finance and accounting employees encouraged and energized can be challenging. Wondering how to lift up your team? Here are six tips that could help with the motivating:

1. Communicate often

Meet with your team collectively and individually to help prioritize workloads and ensure they have all of the resources they need, including administrative support, proper equipment and other materials. Also, be approachable. You don’t want staff to encounter a problem and fall behind because they’re too intimidated to ask for your input.  

2. Revisit who’s doing what

Make sure work assignments play to each team member’s strengths and divvy up the work fairly. If the workload is especially heavy, it may not be the right time to “test” an employee’s skills in a new area.

3. Be generous with praise

Make a sincere effort to publicly praise the team, and key standouts, in company newsletters, through emails and at meetings. Be specific with your praise. For example, did it make your own job easier to receive a report a day early?

4. Offer motivating rewards

Don’t wait to reward your team for their hard work. Rewards could range from a coffee shop gift card to free movie passes to extra time off after busy season. Just make sure that you encourage and reward success in ways that are truly meaningful to your team.

5. Set a good example

Check your own work habits and attitude. What messages are you sending to your team? Employees will follow the leader, so you need to be energetic and enthusiastic. Ultimately, your mood will rub off on your team.

6. Help them see the light at the end of the tunnel  

What’s the use of working hard if there’s no relief in sight? Let your accounting and finance team members know when you expect the workload to ease up. Consider bringing in reinforcements, such as skilled temporary professionals, to take on some duties if the crunch time will last for a while.

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