Don’t Let Employees Go Costanza this Summer

When the temperature rises, people like to go on vacation. When people go on vacation, the work piles up. When work piles up, the people not on vacation have to pick up the slack. When they pick up the slack, they burn out. When they burn out, they follow the lead of George Costanza, taking naps under their desk.

Don’t let your employees follow the lead of George Costanza.

There’s a better way. Sure, you can never allow employees to go on vacation, but that’s not realistic, nor very kind. What you can do is take measures —from instilling fun at work to considering summer hiring — to ensure that when requests for time off start coming in, you can manage your project load. Here are a few ideas.

  • Attend to employee engagement before crunch time.Employee engagement, the level to which employees are emotionally connected to a company’s goals and values, should be attended to throughout the year, so that when stress levels rise, your team still gives 100 percent. What’s more, 51 percent of employees who do not feel engaged are more likely to leave their post. The last thing you need during the vacation season is turnover. Make strides to increase your team's desire to raise their game — before it's too late.
  • Recognize your team is going above and beyond.
 Recognition of stellar efforts is key to employee engagement and to their ongoing interest in giving it their all. Your employees who are going the extra mile should know that you appreciate it. Make sure your thanks fit the accomplishment, are timely, and heartfelt. 
Sometimes a genuine thank you can go a long way. Other achievements deserve a bit more attention. It's also important to develop a system of employee rewards to embed recognition into the fiber of your culture. OfficeTeam offers 25 ways you can say thanks.
  • Make time for fun. With deadlines looming and fewer team members to attend to them, taking time for fun seems absurd. And that's exactly why you should! A little absurdity can break the tension, remind employees why they love your company culture and their work, and help them destress. Inc. offers a number of low-cost and easy ideas for having fun at work.
  • Try summer hiring. One way to keep employees from going Costanza is by bringing on seasonal employees to help fill in the gaps when your permanent staff takes time off. It's a solution that allows your department some flexibility; get extra help for a specific project or length of time, like when a permanent staffer goes on a vacay. A temporary staffing agency can tap into its network of experts and find the right accounting and finance expert for your summer hiring needs.

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