Does Your Career Need a Change in Gear?

Career change in gear

You’ve been feeling restless lately in your accounting job, and you’re starting to wonder whether it’s time to move on. You’ve been doing the same work for several years, and you’re starting to itch for a new challenge.

Still, you enjoy your work, and you know you’re good at it – your performance reviews each year prove that. What’s more, you have good relationships with your coworkers, and you’re engaged with your company’s mission. You’re reluctant to leave a good situation like that.

So how exactly do you know you've been in the same job too long? Here are a few indicators that your career progress has stalled, and it’s time to move in a new direction:

1. You're bored.

Are you doing the same work each day? Could you perform your duties in your sleep? If so, then it’s probably time for a new challenge – in fact, it’s a good indication that you’re ready to move up the ladder and conquer more difficult tasks. Look for positions within and outside your company that are one step up from what you’re doing now.

2. You’ve stopped learning.

If you know everything you need to know to do your job, and you no longer have the opportunity to gain new skills and experience, it’s best to look for a new position. Wherever you are in your career, you want to make sure you’re growing and learning so that you’ll be ready to take the next step when it comes.

3. You’re not getting along with your boss anymore.

You used to get along with your manager just fine, but lately, you’re not seeing eye-to-eye, and you’re having a hard time hiding your frustrations. Your boss is sensing that, and there’s tension between the two of you. It’s impacting your job satisfaction and performance, and it doesn’t seem likely you’ll be able to resolve it. It may be best for both of you that you find a new job elsewhere.

4. You're overworked.

Perhaps your workload gradually got heavier over time, and you barely noticed that you weren’t receiving anything extra in return. Or an employee in your department suddenly resigned, leaving you with his workload, and your manager isn’t sure whether the firm will hire someone new to take on the duties. No matter the situation, if you’re overwhelmed and your boss can’t or won’t relieve the pressure, you should probably look for a new job.

5. You're not employing your skills.

Do you have skills you're not using in your current job? Don’t waste them, especially if they’re in-demand skills that employers are always looking for, like risk and compliance expertise, advanced Excel skills, or other technical savvy. Companies will pay well for these abilities.

You don't necessarily have to earn a six-figure income or work for only the biggest, most influential companies to be happy. But you should always strive for a fulfilling professional life. If you have doubts about your current role and career, start looking around for a new challenge. You might just find a job you love.

How do you know your career needs a change in gear? Share in the comments section below.