Celebrate National Boss Day With These Words of Managerial Wisdom

National Boss Day

In honor of National Boss Day (October 16), members of the Accountemps team felt it was an appropriate time to reflect on some of the most impactful words of wisdom we’ve ever received from a manager. We believe you’ll appreciate these pithy nuggets of advice as well:

Abby Welch, public relations manager: When I first became a manager, my boss told me to always lead by example. If I want my employees to act a certain way, dress a certain way, conduct business a certain way, then I better practice what I preach.

Christine Brashear, senior brand manager: A boss once told me, “Think about your successes each day. Ask yourself what value you bring to the team, how you want to be measured and focus on delivering that.” For example, sometimes the fastest response may not be as important as delivering the most strategic idea.

Joshua Warborg, district president: A great manager here once told me that in any challenging situation — especially when taking over a new team — to seek first to understand, then to be understood. I believe the quote came from Stephen Covey. The advice was especially prescient for me as a very inexperienced manager!

Doug White, senior editor: As a teen, my first job was working at a small family-run amusement park on a lake. The gig largely consisted of hauling trash to a dumpster. My boss constantly reminded us to “appreciate the opportunity,” which I took to heart despite smelling like clam juice all the time. I learned what hard work was that summer and have always tried to maintain a strong work ethic — and I don’t take any opportunity for granted.”

Tamara Stanley, online content marketing manager: “Close your mouth and lick your teeth.” It’s advice for when you’re in a frustrating situation and have so much to say, but you know that it’s not the right time.

Tina Fox, metro market manager: I was told once by a manager to make sure you know how to be a coach, a mentor, a leader and a manager. But in doing so, learn also when to be which one and what the differences are between them. Many people think it’s all the same when it’s not. Once you master the science of each and practice the art of when to use it based on the situation, you will be successful and gain respect. 

How are you celebrating National Boss Day? What’s the greatest pearl of wisdom a manager has ever offered you?

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