Are You at the Top of Your Game?

The ambitious play to win, and since you're reading a career and management advice blog, it's safe to assume you're looking to up your game. As a member or leader of a team, regardless of whether the arena is a court or a cube, the path to victory is the same: You assemble or join a team, you strategize, train, sweat, and finally have your moment in the spotlight. Ultimately, hopefully, teamwork pays off and success is yours.

On a sports team, there's always next year. But in the office, your career and clients, morale and bottom line can't wait until next season for your team to score some wins.

A new guide from Robert Half offers a playbook for staying off the sidelines. Creating & Managing the Dream Team gives an insightful look at teamwork and how the management styles of coaches and bosses can help the players shine. If you're an individual contributor, find out if you're the star player or the experienced professional or some other type, and what it all means for your level of teamwork. Leaders: Discover which management styles suit each type and get quick tips on how to deliver the coaching needed to push your team to the top.

Check it out here.