A Little Birdy Told Me: 7 Tips for Using Twitter to Find a Job

LinkedIn isn't the only networking site that can help you land a new accounting or finance job. Twitter can also be a great resource — provided you understand the finer points of tweeting. Here are seven tips for using Twitter to find a job:

1. Relationships come first. Use the “Find Friends” feature to make sure you’re following all the people in your address book. Look for ways to help them out. Do that before you ask for advice or help for your own search. For example, retweet their relevant tweets to others in your network.

2. Follow the pros. Keep up with what’s happening in the world of accounting and finance. Follow professional organizations like AICPA and APA. Then, try leading websites like CPA Trendlines, CPA Practice Advisor, Accounting Today and AccountingWEB. Once you’ve followed a handful of those, you can click “Who to follow” for a slew of similar suggestions.

3. Be creative. Twitter tends to be loose and informal. Take advantage of that when you’re using Twitter to find a job. Add some personality to your profile. Give employers a little insight into who you really are. Show them what you can add to their team.

4. Know what to tweet. Don’t make everything about your job search. That’s definitely a Twitter turnoff. Share useful information like professional links and industry news. Add to existing conversations, and ask questions to start new ones.

5. Tweet often. The more you tweet, the more likely your tweets will be read, writes Joshua Waldman in Job Searching With Social Media for Dummies. When you’re job seeking, you want to be read by your followers – even more than usual. Waldman suggests five to 20 tweets per day. Half of those will be retweets and shared links.

6. Tweet on your own time. Some companies still ban social media at work. If you’re currently on the job, check your organization's policy first. You may need to reserve your tweeting for off hours.

7. ABC: Always be cautious. When you start using Twitter for a job search, remember: it’s not just fun and games anymore. Anyone can read everything you tweet. As always, sharing highly personal stuff can backfire. Be smart about what you tweet. Better safe than sorry.

Have other tips for using Twitter to find a job? Share your ideas in the comments.

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