6 Tips for Falling Back in Love With Your Accounting Career

Feeling less passionate about your accounting career lately? Not to worry. In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are six quick tips for rekindling the spark:

1. Put your heart into something new. Whether it’s gaining expertise in a financial software program or honing your interpersonal abilities, learning new skills not only makes work more interesting, it boosts your marketability. Commit to pursuing an industry certfication, taking a class, or attending an industry seminar or conference.

2. Spice things up. Regular routines can be healthy and aid your productivity, but they can also lead to ruts over time. Doing the same exact thing the same exact way day after day can lead to boredom. Even if most of your core duties are set, consider what is in your control to change. Simple actions such as tackling tasks in a different order, collaborating with different coworkers or changing up your workspace can help revingorate you.

3. Deepen your affection. You pursued an accounting career for a reason. Focus on the positives. Are there responsibilities you absolutely love handling that you feel make a meaningful impact on your firm or department? Ask to take on more of those responsibilities, and see if you can delegate some of the things you find burdensome. By doing more of what you enjoy, you’ll enhance your job satisfaction and make yourself more valuable to your employer.

4. Profess your true feelings. Feeling beleaguered by too many projects? Don’t suffer in silence. Talk with your boss about how you can reprioritize your workload or gain an extra hand on important initiatives. You may be surprised at your manager’s willingness to assist or bring in reinforcements.

5. Love the ones you’re with. Full-time workers spend a great many of their waking hours at the office. As such, continually building solid relationships with colleagues is essential. Generate rapport and goodwill by praising coworkers for a job well done, and offer assistance when it’s needed. Acknowledging the efforts of others and pitching in on projects will help you feel better about your contributions. Plus, the more help you give, the more you are apt to receive.

6. Remember that absence makes the heart grow fonder. If you’ve lost that loving feeling for your accounting career, perhaps you need to take a vacation. Pushing yourself too hard can cause burnout, which can then lead to physical and mental stress, sloppy errors and the setting of an unsustainable precedent. Poor work-life balance saps your energy and dampens your mood. So, give yourself time to get away from work, relax and recharge your batteries.

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