5 Types of Personalities to Avoid Embodying This Holiday Season

Just one of the personality types you're likely to find at the office this holiday season

The holidays bring out the best and worst in people, including those around the office. Have you encountered The Not-So-Secret Shopper or The Party Animal? If not, you’re bound to spot them soon, as they seem to make an appearance around the holiday season. If you do run across any of the types of personalities featured in our infographic, heed our advice below to avoid emulating their behavior and keep your good reputation intact.

The Not-So-Secret Shopper

This worker takes the idea of “shop ‘til you drop” to heart. After extended lunch-break trips to the mall, she spends the remainder of the day shopping online. Responsible for countless hours of lost productivity, the Not-So-Secret Shopper leaves others to pick up the slack.

Tip: Don’t let your gift list get in the way of your to-do list. Even if your company has a liberal computer use policy, save the shopping for your off-hours.

The Cookie Monster

Unless you put a lock on the office refrigerator, no treat is safe when this sugar-craving sneak is roaming the halls. This sweet-toothed bandit also comes empty-handed to potlucks and then shamelessly devours all the cupcakes before anyone else gets a bite.

Tip: Nobody likes a thief. Put the cake down slowly, and step away from the fridge. (Check out our Don’t Let This Happen to You videos to see what happens when treats go missing from the office kitchen.)

The Sniffler

With a nose redder than Rudolph’s, she coughs and sneezes her way through the day, oblivious to the risk she poses to coworkers. The Sniffler believes she’s displaying dedication, when in reality her frustrated colleagues are grumbling about her lack of consideration.

Tip: When you’re under the weather, take a sick day. If you absolutely must work, ask your boss if you can do so from home.

The Party Animal

Instead of viewing the company holiday party as an opportunity to strengthen internal connections, this merrymaker overindulges and creates all kinds of awkwardness in the process.

Tip: Have fun at work events, but don’t completely let down your guard. Keep in mind these events can be helpful for establishing important relationships, but acting poorly can make a lasting negative impression with company leaders.

The Grinch

Unlike the most cheerful coworkers, this frosty grump is well-known for having a bad attitude. She maintains a scrooge-like demeanor to make it clear she’s not feeling festive – and that you shouldn’t either.

Tip: It’s fine that some people aren’t always jolly. What’s not OK is trying to spread a “Bah humbug!” attitude to everyone else. Be mindful that strong interpersonal skills such as tact and diplomacy are critical to career advancement.

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