How to Beat the Competition and Hire Top Accounting Talent

Tips for Expediting the Recruiting Process

Employers are well aware of the shortage of top accounting talent out there. According to the most recent Robert Half Salary Guide for Accounting and Finance, recruiting experienced accounting and finance professionals will continue to be a challenge in the coming year. If you’re a hiring manager, you need to beat the competition so your top picks aren't snatched up by other companies. with an efficient recruiting process.

Recruiting can be time-consuming, so you need an efficient recruiting process. What to do? Tap into these six time-saving tips for ramping up your recruitment process to beat the competition and hire the top accounting talent:

1. Ask your employees for recommendations

Implementing an employee referral program with incentives is a great way to quickly locate accounting talent that you may not otherwise find. In the past, some people thought of employee referral programs as showing favoritism and nepotism, but today most managers focus on a single fact: Most employees wouldn’t risk their reputation by recommending someone who isn’t a good fit for a position.

2. Network, network, network

Your professional connections may also know of stellar accountants who aren’t actively searching for employment. Reach out to them in person and via LinkedIn and let them know you’re looking for new employees. And don’t forget to contact a specialized financial recruiter. They’ll know accounting talent actively looking for work who will gel with your office’s work environment. 

3. Take a hands-on approach to find accounting talent

You know better than anyone who embodies the perfect accounting candidate for your company. Though it’s true that great managers embrace delegation, you can save yourself time by reviewing resumes and giving them a stamp of approval before passing them on to your group’s administrator or HR department.

4. Keep a list of potential candidates

You can net time in the long run if you consistently maintain an updated list of top candidates, even when you’re not actively recruiting. Stock it with the names and contact details of young professionals who impressed you during informational interviews, experienced accountants you’ve met at networking events, and even former applicants who showed potential but didn’t get the job because they didn’t have all the skills you were looking for at the time. This kind of list can be a gold mine of staffing potential.

5. Don’t forget the ‘passive’ job market

Identifying passive job seekers — candidates who aren’t actively looking for work but would make a move for the right position — is one excellent means of expediting the recruiting process. Do this by tapping into your network or by contacting a staffing agency that can help you find the “hidden job market.”

6. Invest in project professionals

If you need immediate coverage, you may want to consider bringing on temporary accountants to ease the pressure until you make a full-time hire. After all, the less time you spend worrying about day-to-day operations, the more time you have to focus your attention on recruiting new staff. You may even find that project professionals open up doors to temp-to-hire possibilities.

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Editor's note: This post was published in 2015 and was recently updated to reflect current information.