3 Recruitment Strategies for Attracting Millennials Now

Recruiting Strategies for Attracting Millennials Now

Millennials make up the largest share of the American workplace today. They’re savvy, talented and ambitious, and if you're a hiring manager who wants to attract them to your company, you'll need to evaluate your recruitment strategies.  

If you’re relying solely on recruiting methods of the past, you may want to reboot. Studies show millennials rely on social media and mobile devices, seek unique experiences, and value work-life balance, among other characteristics. If you want to boost your reach with millennial generation — and you should — consider the following tips:

1. Share your content (and job openings) effectively

Millennials stay connected to online content and check their smartphones often. Because LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are always within reach, you should strengthen your company’s presence on these popular social media channels. Also consider other channels like Instagram, and continue to evaluate where you invest your social media time and effort based on where this group is spending their time. 

Millennials love to share and discover information, so you can recruit more effectively if your career opportunities go straight to millennials’ pockets or purses. Consider developing a mobile app that includes job opening information, and make sure your website is mobile friendly.

That said, don’t let your online efforts replace traditional communication modes. According to a report by research and advisory firm CEB, only 29 percent of millennials believe what they read about potential employers online. Millennials still tend to put the most trust in referrals from family and friends.

2. Refresh your interview process

Who says you have to hold interviews in a stuffy conference room? Because millennials look forward to unique experiences, consider alternatives to the traditional interview setting and process. Instead of holding a phone interview, try a video chat instead. You might even consider meeting your next millennial job candidate at a coffee shop for a more informal setting. Or, invite candidates to shadow an employee or two for part of the day to see what your company is like.

The interview process is your first chance to make a good impression with a generation of people who love experiences. So make it a good one. Who knows? A job candidate’s tweet about how cool the interview process was might attract a far greater audience.

3. Address their favorite topics

Millennials want to know that they can grow with your company. During interviews and in recruiting materials, highlight career development programs you have in place. Also, remember that millennials place a premium on work-life balance and collaborating with colleagues. As such, consider telecommuting, flexible work schedules and a team-oriented work environment as appealing job perks that are keys to recruitment. 

Keep in mind: You don’t want to hire just any millennial; you want to hire the right ones. Staffing firms specializing in accounting and finance can help you attract talented members of this large demographic. Consider temp-to-hire options so both you and the candidate can see if there’s a good fit.

Work with us to find finance and accounting professionals — who are also millennials! 

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