10 Toe-Tapping Tunes to Get You Through Tax Season

With tax season in full swing, most of us have only one thing on our mind: Get the job done. That being said, Bob from Accountemps is always mining for clever options to get him (and others) through super-busy periods.

Here are his Top 10 Tunes for Tax Season ­— a YouTube playlist to keep your motivation high during the last few days of tax season. Who knows? The following songs may even improve your productivity, as well as your efficiency, innovation, focus and frame of mind:

10. 'Money'

“Share it fairly but don’t take a slice of my pie.” Pink Floyd tells it like it is — and introduces the cash register as a musical instrument.

9. 'Eye of the Tiger'

“Risin’ up straight to the top” of your pile of paperwork this busy season. The “Rocky III” mega-hit song is also a great go-to choice for your next karaoke party.

8. 'Under Pressure'

Let off some steam with Queen’s Freddie Mercury and 75,000 backup singers in this classic 1981 live performance at London’s Wembley Stadium.

7. 'Money (That's What I Want)'

Imagine Motown’s first-ever hit with impeccable British diction and the deadest of deadpan delivery. This cover, a 1979 postmodern masterpiece from the Flying Lizards, arrived just in time for the Decade of Greed.

6. 'Survivor'

Think you can’t survive another tax season? This Destiny’s Child chart-topper will quickly change your tune.

5. 'Working for the Weekend'

All that hair doesn’t do itself. Maybe that’s what forced '80s rockers Loverboy to work so hard during the week. While your motivation might be different (we hope!), we’re all working for the weekend after tax day!

4. 'Take the Money and Run'

The Steve Miller Band is living proof that bad tax advice can make great music. Plus, who else could rhyme taxes with Texas?

3. 'I Can See Clearly Now'

You can’t resist smiling to this uplifting tune by Johnny Nash. The 1972 hit has been covered by many, including legendary crooners Jimmy Cliff, Anne Murray, Willie Nelson and Ray Charles.

2. 'Roar'

Katy Perry roars in this smash hit that even pays homage to the aforementioned favorite, “Eye of the Tiger.” Please use your inside voice when singing along at the office.

1. 'Walking on Sunshine'

We’ll all be “walking on sunshine” come April 16. Until then, get a little inspiration from this popular hit by Katrina and the Waves.

So there you go! Make it through the busy season, and give yourself a break!

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