Meet Our People

Why did I join Robert Half? Because of the people. I was immediately engaged by everybody I met, and that never changes. What's kept me here? It's the people that I work with every day.


Clive Davis, London


Meet some of our employees to learn what it's like to work at Robert Half.

Tracy Emken

Tracy Emken, Princeton, N.J.

"Robert Half understands the importance of recognizing employees for their dedication and achievements. Excellence is rewarded here. I've never had an employer that made me feel this valued, empowered or motivated to succeed."

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Neil Owen

Neil Owen, London

"I started my career with Robert Half as a resourcer in London, focusing on recruitment in banking and capital markets. With hard work and support from management, I steadily advanced. I'm now a director and feel lucky to be in a position where I can help others reach their goals."

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Avalee Prehogan

Avalee PreHogan, Ottawa, Ontario

"What we do is more than just a job. We help people every day. That makes me feel good about working here and makes my job extremely rewarding. I don't think I'd have the same level of career satisfaction if I worked elsewhere."

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Valérie Sablé

Valérie Sablé, Paris

"I have worked for other companies where everyone seemed to be in it for themselves. Not at Robert Half. There's a wealth of people here whom I can look to for guidance and support. As a new employee, that was extremely valuable and helped me excel early on."

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Phil Sheridan

Phil Sheridan, Birmingham, England

"It is very important to me to work for a company that supports the local community. Our community relations activities are not only personally fulfilling but also a great opportunity to build camaraderie with colleagues."

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Billie Watkins

Billie Watkins, Chicago

"When contacting a potential client for the first time, chances are they've heard of the Robert Half name through our radio ads, social media presence or thought leadership pieces. This recognition gives me instant credibility."

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