Workplace Trends

Since 1948, Robert Half has been a respected source of workplace research, as well as career and management advice. As part of our commitment to providing expert staffing assistance and career guidance, we frequently survey workers and executives with some of the world's largest companies to identify workplace trends and hiring trends.

Workplace Research

We share the results of our workplace research with our clients and job candidates through videos, infographics, advice booklets, blog posts and articles, and white papers. These resources cover nearly every aspect of staffing and career management and provide insight into workplace trends as they emerge. Our goal is simple: to serve as a helpful guide to employers during the recruitment process and to job seekers as they advance their careers. When they are aware of certain hiring trends, job seekers can target their efforts toward improving their skills in specific ways or devise strategies that will make them more desirable to employers. Understanding retention and other workplace trends can assist employers in determining what they can do to keep valuable employees motivated and productive.

Hiring Trends

  • Salary Guides: Our annual Salary Guides provide managers with comprehensive, up-to-date information on compensation and hiring trends.
  • Videos: Our videos offer insight on the hiring environment, job search strategies and workplace trends.

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