Don't Let This Happen To You

Whether you're looking for a job or searching for skilled professionals, Robert Half can help. We are experts in matching the right professionals with the right jobs. Plus, our advice may just help you avoid the bloopers in these videos.

Career Coaching Gone Awry

Bad Gym Coaching
The Shepherd and Her Flock
The Office Coach
Reality Bites
The Quarterly Report
The Coach

Office Politics Bloopers

Office Attack Ad
The Self-Promoter
The Campaign
I Did It

Interview Mistakes

In It to Win It
Mime's the Word
Interview, Interview

Etiquette Blunders

Facebook Reality
Don't Eat Me
Different Reality
Conference Call
The Supervisor's Cupcake
The Great Cake Caper
The Cupcake Caper
Pookie Bear
One Week
Office Faux Pas

Salary Negotiation Bloopers

Awkward Serenade
Taco 'Bout Negotiation
Just Call!
Sound Advice
Please Give Me a Raise!
Pick up the Phone
How Can I Get a Raise?