Temporary to Full-Time

As the economic climate continues to show signs of improvement, companies are experiencing rising demand for their products and services. However, many businesses are still cautious about hiring. Companies are turning to temporary workers to fill the gap and, in certain cases, transitioning them into full-time roles.

This "temp to full-time" option allows companies to gain skilled individuals immediately to meet business needs, while keeping their staffing options flexible in case of workload fluctuations. It also ensures an employee is a match for the company before extending a job offer. Businesses can minimize their productivity losses and observe firsthand a prospective employee's job performance, making temp to full-time the ultimate employment interview.

For workers, temporary assignments give them an opportunity to get back on the employment track and showcase their skills. In the process, they also can determine their own level of interest in a company and ultimately secure an internal position.

Flexible staffing is a sound business strategy for companies that aren't ready to make a commitment to hiring, but have a need for skilled professionals to augment their existing workforce. It's also good for workers who are in the job market and want to get a foot in the door with an organization and demonstrate their value.

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