Cost-Effective Staffing Solutions

In today's economy, many businesses are trying to do more with less. We can help. Our company has more than 60 years of experience providing clients with cost-effective staffing solutions to get the work done quickly, efficiently and within budget.

OfficeTeam can help save you money by supplementing your full-time staff with highly skilled temporary administrative professionals on an as-needed basis. Doing so allows you to reduce your reliance on fixed labor costs, creating a highly productive, variable-cost workforce.

Officeteam cost effective staffing solution

For maximum cost savings, progressive companies maintain the core full-time staff required for the average workload, as indicated in the chart above. Highly skilled temporary professionals assist during peak workloads such as critical project deadlines, busy customer service periods, demanding data entry projects, and vacation and leave of absence coverage. The result: less need for continual layoffs and rehiring due to business fluctuations, along with heightened productivity, profitability and morale.

To find out more about our cost-effective SmartStaff® solutions, visit and download our white paper, Cost-Effective Staffing Solutions for Unprecedented Times.

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