Ensuring ‘Clean’ Access Security in ERP Environments: Tips from Protiviti

NetSuite Application Security

Managing segregation of duties (SoD) risks is an important consideration for businesses implementing an internal control framework as part of their road map to becoming a public company. And one area where SoD risk can run high is within enterprise resource planning (ERP) environments — unless they are carefully designed from the outset with compliance in mind.

How ACA Compliance Projects Are Affecting Staffing Management for Businesses and Healthcare Providers

ACA Compliance

Meeting Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance requirements is a significant challenge for any organization that must adapt to the healthcare mandate. Here's a quick overview of how those demands are having an impact on staffing management for healthcare providers and other businesses.

3 Features of Human Resources Systems Finance Executives Should Know

Human Resources Systems

Many CFOs find that their responsibilities have been expanding lately. In a Robert Half Management Resources survey, 85 percent of CFOs said their role now extends beyond the accounting and finance department, most commonly into human resources. In light of this trends, CFOs should understand how and why their organizations use human resources systems.

Time for a Career Move? Recommendations for Professionals at a Crossroads

Job Hunting While Employed

According to the July jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, July 2015 marked the 58th consecutive month of job growth for the U.S. economy. In his analysis of the report, Robert Half senior executive director Paul McDonald says this trend may have many workers currently employed wondering if it’s time to make a move. He also has some advice for professionals who are considering job hunting while employed.