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How Employees’ Volunteering Can Boost Your Business


There is an obvious downside to your employees being too busy to schedule time for volunteering: Philanthropic organizations in your community, and the people and causes they serve, miss out on much-needed extra support. But there is something else you may not have considered: Your workers lose a valuable opportunity to improve their sense of well-being and effectiveness at the office.

7 Ways Leadership Is Changing — and How Financial Executives Can Respond

How leadership is changing for financial executives

In a Robert Half Management Resources survey, two-thirds of chief financial officers said being a business leader today is more challenging than it was five years ago. Here are seven challenges facing leaders and their teams today and the attributes financial executives need to address them.

Healthcare Reform Creates Opportunities for Specialized Consultants

Healthcare Opportunities

Consultants with healthcare management and business systems, compliance or financial expertise, may see opportunities for assignments increasing in the healthcare industry in the near term, given recent employment trends that are driven partly by healthcare reform.

Working With a Staffing Firm: 5 Benefits for Consultants

Consultants Working with a Staffing Firm

Working with a staffing firm can help set both experienced consultants or those just entering the field on a course for career success. Here are five reasons, in addition to attractive compensation, consultants should consider working with a reputable staffing firm.


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