Robert Half Legal eDiscovery Services
a managed and tailored approach to eDiscovery

eDiscovery matters are driven by a combination of people, processes, technology and controls. Effectively balancing these four elements is central to managing cost and risk. More organizations are demanding repeatable processes and cost-effective resources that can reduce disruption of their operations and the burden on internal staff. They look to implement reasonable controls that manage risk while not unnecessarily increasing cost and duration. They also want technology that delivers on its promise to accelerate eDiscovery and reduce risk.

Robert Half Legal eDiscovery Services provides services that span from the moment litigation is "reasonably anticipated" to the production of responsive and non-privileged information. We combine these services to create our Day2Review® and Intelligent Preservation and Preview solutions, but also provide them as point solutions to address any individual element of eDiscovery.

We assist in providing technical and strategic support from initial identification efforts to final review and production. We also provide consulting services to help companies proactively manage eDiscovery through improvements to business processes that enhance enterprise value.

Best practiced for taming eDiscovery
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The Managed Review Process