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Processing & Production

Processing and producing electronic information for review is often perceived as an effort in which greater horsepower yields greater results. With many providers charging by the gigabyte, the focus of efficiency efforts is generally on how a specific technology can churn through all the data and deliver it for review. While some technologies are better than others, the processing phase often takes longer than expected and delivers poorly prioritized information for the review phase. This results in more effort expended for the review, which drives up costs.

Robert Half Legal eDiscovery Services professionals place high importance on processing and production in the life cycle of an eDiscovery matter. We accelerate this process not only by using leading technologies, but also partnering with your in-house and outside counsel to prioritize and reduce the amount of data that is processed. This approach helps you more quickly produce responsive information for review.

We accomplish this by first indexing and filtering the collected data. This includes removing operating system- and program-related files, a process called "de-NISTing" (removal of files maintained by the National Institute of Standards and Technology). We also filter out unnecessary GIF files from websites, focus email data sets on specific domains and addresses, and remove any additional information that you indicate is not required for review.

We process this smaller, highly relevant set of native files, extracting metadata and text, employing optical character recognition for scanned images, de-duplicating the data set and leveraging keyword search strategies. We export this more narrowly processed information in its native form to your particular review platform. The result of this approach: You get to the review process sooner, with a more targeted set of information for your matter.

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