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Preview & Analytics

Once ESI is collected and preserved, most organizations proceed immediately to processing the information. On the surface, this appears to be the most expedient path for review. However, experienced legal professionals understand that not every subset of electronic information is equal in value for review. The challenge is how to get the relevant, responsive information into the review process first.

The professionals at Robert Half Legal eDiscovery Services are experts at getting the right information to you for review first. During or immediately after the collection and preservation phase, we guide you through a process to identify and prioritize the important data, so you can preview this information sooner. In collaboration with your outside and in-house counsel, we use analytical tools to cull vast amounts of information to make critical data subsets available. As a result, you prioritize time and money spent on processing during the case and bring the correct level of focus at the right time.

Best practiced for taming eDiscovery
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The Managed Review Process