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Preservation & Collection

In the past 15 years, the estimated amount of data associated with the average employee in the United States has multiplied 25 times. This information is housed in a variety of formats and on a range of devices. Collecting and preserving information is one of the riskiest areas of eDiscovery. Your challenge is to preserve and collect relevant electronic information quickly and defensibly, while not unduly interrupting your business operations - or those of your client.

Robert Half eDiscovery Services provides a range of preservation and collection services with simple and predicable pricing. Using industry-proven processes and procedures, we have the flexibility to work on-site, remotely or with auto-targeted collection tools.

On-site, we provide full forensic collection of digital media, including slack space and deleted files. This involves creation of a forensic image for each data source that is an exact (bit-by-bit) replica of the media being collected. Alternatively, we can collect only a subset of the total available data on an email server or a file server. This can be done in lieu of a full forensic image if the specific scope is clearly defined or a technical limitation exists where a full forensic image of the data source is not economical.

We also use remote access methods, typically from your (or your client's) data center, headquarters or central point of access. This approach eliminates the need for a physical visit to each collection site or separate computer, saving you time and money. In some situations, we perform collection using a pre-programmed device that can be implemented by a local custodian. The custodian plugs the device into the relevant data source and follows the prompts to initiate collection. Upon successful completion of the collection, the device, along with the forensic image, is returned by the custodian to Robert Half Legal eDiscovery Services.

Our team of professionals uses all of these techniques as appropriate to manage risk and provide you with reliable preservation and collection services at a predicable cost.

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