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Intelligent Preservation & Preview

When faced with a legal or regulatory action, the ability to respond quickly and decisively is critical to protecting enterprise value. The challenge is how to address the volume and duplication of various potential information sources that may be organized, semi-organized and/or unstructured. Early attention to proper identification and preservation of evidence is one of the riskiest areas of eDiscovery. These risks can arise from both omissions and over-inclusion, and in either case, can have material consequences.

Our Intelligent Preservation and Preview solution provides a better alternative. It allows you to meet your legal obligations more effectively while simultaneously managing the costs associated with litigation and investigations. Our solution directly addresses the risks of unnecessary processing of nonresponsive electronically stored information (ESI), unintentional omission of potentially responsive ESI and spoliation of ESI.

Our experienced professionals will ask the right questions at the right time, helping you accelerate the discovery process. Our global team of incident response, computer forensics and eDiscovery professionals who can apply deep, relevant skills to many aspects of the discovery process, including those that can cause the most surprises the proper identification, preservation and collection of electronic evidence. Combining qualified professionals with a proven process can help you address the following issues:

  • Have we properly defined the scope of the matter?
  • Have we identified potentially relevant custodians and related documents that we need?
  • Have we collected information that is relevant to the matter?
  • Can the legal team address the allegations in the matter with the data collected?
  • What are the legal, strategic and financial considerations based on the data population and associated options?

With timely, relevant answers to these questions, the stage is set to move quickly. We create a customized resourcing plan to coordinate and leverage internal IT capabilities and capacity appropriately. Using standard operating procedures and industry-proven technologies, we help you mitigate risk by bridging any potential gaps between legal and IT considerations. To increase transparency and confidence, you receive an estimated cost and duration of downstream eDiscovery stages, including processing, analysis, review and production.

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